About Us

Senior man standing at a table, using a microphone to speak to a room of seniors during a meeting.
Seniors sitting a several round tables during a meeting.
A woman in red jacket speaking a microphone to a room of seniors.

EPROC is a Not-for-Profit Organization that was formed in 2010 by individual board members of a small group of resident-owned communities in eastern Pasco County, Florida. From the original 5 ROCs, we currently have 29 ROC members.

Meetings are held monthly from October through March with the locations being rotated among member communities.  Our members then share what they’ve learned with others from the board of their own ROC community. We assist member communities in developing effective and informed Boards of Directors.

Membership cost is $40.00 per year. Click here for the enrollment form.

Interested managers, directors and committee chairpersons, or other key members of the community, are invited to attend our monthly meetings, held October through March, to discuss and gain new insights into topics that are of interest to us all.

How to Contact Us

  • Call or Text: (508) 916-1735 (Jullie, Board Secretary)
  • Call or Text: (614) 519-5085 (Jim, Board President)
  • By Mail: 340 E. Hillcrest St., Altamonte Springs, FL  32701
  • By Email: eprocorg.sec@gmail.com